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Concert Day!

Posted on March 7, 2009  in Blog Experiences

We will be going to Mall of Asia in a while. I know March 7 will be a Fine Fine Time, but yesterday’s news was really a sad one. I know the band will pay tribute to Kiko later.

Going back, what songs am I’m wishing and hoping to hear later?

Fine Time, Wishing Wells, Sembreak (repeat), SuperProxy (a tribute I guess), Magasin, Kamasupra (repeat), Ang Huling El Bimbo, Pare Ko, Alkohol, Easy ka lang, Maling Akala, Back2me, Spolarium, Overdrive, Poorman’s Grave.

Hehe, the list may be long already, and I’m not a spoiled brat, when I hear 1 or 2 of my wish list and I will be very (sticker) happy.

Rock en Roll Buong Taon!


0 thoughts on “Concert Day!”

    1. @RJ,
      Aww! Nde ka pala nakakuha sa san mig sa pinsan mo?
      Bakit nde ka nagsabi kagad?
      Nanalo ako ng tickets sa Enervon eh meron na kme 2 so pinamigay ko lang rin 🙁

  1. Hay, makikinood na lang ako sa youtube nito. I’m sure may something special na mangyayari sa superproxy song nila.

    1. @Ark
      Ei! Thanks for visiting my blog.
      About Superproxy, yah dedicated sya ke Kiko!
      Will be posting some new stuffs on my eraserheads concert 2009 experience.

  2. sensya na’t ngayon lang nakadalaw. Lenten season demands are significantly reducing my precious blogging time!

    inggit ako senyo, tol. e-heads defined the Pinoy generation and I won’t be there to pay homage. that sucked big time for me. enjoy the concert for me, guys!

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