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Are You Daring (enough) To Challenge MyBrute?

Posted on April 28, 2009  in Gaming

MyBrute is a flash-based internet browser game. I first heard it from some blogger friends but I just ignored it. Recently some friends from work recommended that I challenged their brute. So I decided to give it a try and guess what? It was fun and a good stress buster 🙂

This is a good prep up game for the upcoming Pacquiao Hatton bout.

Would you like to challenge my brute? Kindly go to or click

0 thoughts on “Are You Daring (enough) To Challenge MyBrute?”

  1. Here, will pupil trade, just create a pupil for me at hxxp:// or hxxp:// call the pupil the name of your brute and then add 2 numbers, then i can see who to return the favour to, train to level 3 and i will do the same, cheers

  2. Still undefeated. Still the greatest. Haven’t lost once yet.

    If you want a powerful brute. pupil me. Guarantee you to get

    a bear or a wolf, sometimes both by level 3. If not, I give u

    a brute with one.


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