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Thanks Goldilocks! Thanks Nuffnang!

Posted on August 8, 2009  in Blog Experiences, Personal Experiences

I attended my first blogger event yesterday. It’s the Goldilocks-Nuffnang event at the Fort (Topshelf, Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street). I arrived alone at Topshelf since Raven is still on her way to the venue.

I registered and joined a table of bloggers. Raven joined me just in time when the organizers are announcing the winner of the “decorate your cake” game.

And then they announced the winners of the consolation prizes. Before announcing the finalists, the marketing manager (don’t know exactly if she’s from Goldilocks or Nuffnang) congratulated all the bloggers who joined and told that all blog post are really good. She mentioned something about the “customs officer” then I started to get nervous.

And then they started the announcement of the mini-laptop winners. When they showed the picture of the Vanilla Taisan from my blog in the projector (hey that’s my post) and called my name I was both happy and nervous. I stood up to get my prize and they asked me to share my Goldilocks story. I told them that this is my first blogger event and that I’m so nervous. But I just told them my goldilocks story with the US Immigration officer in SFO. I did not exactly remember what other things I said (but I think I babbled a bit) because I was still so nervous+excited+happy (Sorry I can’t pinpoint the exact feeling 🙂 )

My sincerest thanks to Goldilocks (You’re the 1 Goldilocks) and to Nuffnang for my brand new Neo Vivid Laptop.


Thanks also to the bloggers who greeted and congratulated me. (Guys n gals, Sorry I’m really poor at remembering names and faces so kindly leave some comments below and I return the favor by visiting your blogs).

Congratulations also to the other winners Leizl, Maureen, Doc Broks, Jonnie, and of course to Ms. Noemi, the grand prize winner of the Goldilocks and Nuffnang event.

I’ll update this post as soon as I got other updated info (from Nuffnang and other bloggers).

Thanks to Pehpot for the You’re The 1 Goldilocks Winner and You’re The 1 Goldilocks Winner posts.

Update 2009.08.19
Found Judd Sta. Maria’s site and he posted some pics there, kindly visit
Goldilocks Event: Part 2

Update 2009.09.05
Nuffnang posted the event pics on their blog
You’re the 1 Goldilocks Event

Update 2009.09.24
This event was featured on today’s Philippine Daily Inquirer (Page C2) and in this article.
I have a new blog post on Menardconnect in

0 thoughts on “Thanks Goldilocks! Thanks Nuffnang!”

  1. hi,

    i was the one with the hubby and 2 kids you shared a table with. pasensiya na di kita na-congratulate, shy kasi ako eh (hehehe! wala nga akong kuha with dingdong, mahina ang loob) pero ngayong di na tayo magkaharap, CONGRATS and i hope you do more blogs on your new lappie!!!!!

    1. @Femme,
      Thanks! Shy rin ako kaya nde ako masyadong nagsasalita sa table natin 🙂
      Send my regards to your husband (I remember his name is Ferdie) and the two kids!
      Again thanks for the visit to my blog, I’m visiting your JUG site now 🙂

  2. no you did not babbled.. not a bit.. the same fun in yuor post was very eminent in your speech 🙂

    I can’t find JOnnie’s blog too, just a youtube link of his video 🙂


    Make or Break

    1. @Pehpot
      Hi! Thanks for the visit and the comment!
      I’m waiting for official blog post of Nuffnang, then I’ll update my post on the links of the other winners.

  3. Congrats to us Sayang, they should’ve called all the winners for a group picture. I wasn’t able to mingle with the other bloggers.

    Hey, have you tried your netbook na? Still figuring out how to make the camera work. ;p

    1. @Mauie,
      Thanks for the visit and the comment here!
      We’re trying the netbook na, pero baka i-format ko sya at re-install OS pag me time ako.

  4. Cebu Destinations

    wow.. congrats…
    I have not tried to join the contest. dont know. i was just expecting that I don’t have the luck in joining any competition.hehehe

    1. @Cebu Destinations,
      You should try to join some time. Its fun to join and you get to interact with a lot of bloggers.

  5. orayt!!! I really thought that article really good. Naramdaman kong parang gusto kong kumain sa goldilocks. You’d make a good copy writer for ads…


    1. @Rene,
      Sobrang naaliw rin ako sa resulta ng blog post at contest 🙂
      Copy writer for ads, hehe nde ko alam. Pero malay natin…

    1. @Dinah,
      Thanks! Sayang you missed the event! Masarap yung food 🙂
      I hope nuffnang will have some fun events like this one soon.

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