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The Sandwich Guy Official Statement

Posted on January 22, 2010  in Blog Experiences

I got a comment from my The Sandwich Guy Incident post that I did yesterday. The folks from the mentioned food establishment released a statement regarding the incident. To give the other side of the story, I am posting their official statement here:

This is our official statement:

The Sandwich Guy abides by the high standards of the food industry in sanitation and food handling. All its branches have an open kitchen and are designed primarily for customers to view the preparation of their sandwiches from start to finish. All its crew inside the kitchen wear aprons and hairnets. When the crew handles food, they wear food grade gloves. All the crew has passed the training for the sanitation and food handling as upheld in the food industry and approved by the franchisor.

The ingredients of the country tuna sandwich include cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce which are vegetables with high water content. If these vegetables come in contact with freshly grilled warm wheat bread, it will give off some of its water content. Mr. Leovic P. Pablo states in his email that it was a colorless liquid that he found on his sandwich, the same colorless liquid which a cut cucumber, tomato or lettuce will give off when exposed to a warm surface such as a freshly grilled wheat bread, which we already explained to him.

The major allegations of Mr. Leovic P. Pablo in his email blast against The Sandwich Guy are false. We have always been available to meet with him to try to address this issue in a professional way but after his email blast, we have no choice but to file legal charges against him.

To all our valued customers, we thank you for your continued patronage. We assure you that we are serving fresh and healthy food that you have been enjoying in the same high standards of sanitation and food handling upheld in the food industry. Thank you very much.

I wanted to check if the comment was legit, but upon checking their official website, there is also an official statement there (same contents) so I decided post it here.

Update 02.01.2010
The Sandwich Guy posted their official statement regarding this incident. You can read it on their website: The Sandwich Guy Official Statement.

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0 thoughts on “The Sandwich Guy Official Statement”

  1. The Sandwich Guy. Some crew really do it. I WILL STOP BUYING YOUR FOOD. I regret to being a constant customer. The he*l is with you.

  2. have you seen it? from what i’ve seen their work area (food prep) is directly infront of the customers…so parang its imposible na magawa yon

  3. @a FAn of IBMer
    I’d like to post your comment but it is too long for my comment policy. Kindly view my comment policy. It would be better if you can shorten it, or I’ll be happy to link back if you posted it somewhere.

  4. Nobody would publish a lenghty, well written grievance with regards to bad practice from a small establishment. The “Alloy” guy admitted it and said sorry in front of other witness (namely the lawyers). Why deny now? The poster just wanted something done, not get paid. Just shows you his really good intention and truthful account of the whole ordeal.
    To think even here in near SM Megamall we used to order from them (delivery). Yikes! Hope the spreads so that these arrogant “entrepreneurs” with very bad customer service after sale get what’s coming to them. To think they are just a small establishment, what more if they grew? Would you want to deal with those kind of people? Me thinks NOT.

  5. if you’re a businessman, you would know that an apology is not necessarily an admission for a mistake or negligence. my advice, check out their store, food prep area is very visible to the customers. i can’t imagine how would it be possible for a crew to deliberately spit on the sandwich without customers and/or other crew members noticing him. @Kojie

  6. “u can not imagine how would it be possible for a crew to spit on the sandwhich?” duh…tsk tsk logic lang: pwedeng ginawa nya ng nakatalikod un customer… di ba. posible din na nakaharap ang customer pero nakatalikod si marami pang ibang paraan.

  7. I think the only way TSG can clear their name is by showing the recorded video when the incident happened. Probably the video was incriminating kaya upto now they can’t post it to stop all of these craze. Sabi nga ng TSG manager that they do have cameras installed in their kitchen… why upto now wala pa rin?

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  9. nevermindthebollocks

    IN their official statement, TSG did not refute the complainants assertion that the store have no sanitation permit. Also, DNA testing results that fast? dubious. They should also show the said security video footage and a printout of DNA results (if any). These can easily be published on their website. But I guess they can now say that they can not publicly divulge these as the matter is now in court. how convenient.

  10. TSG, if this is just black propaganda it is very easy to disprove: post the video on your site for everyone to see. having a company policy does not guarantee adherence. EPIC PUBLIC RELATIONS FAIL!

  11. You’re right, that’s possible. What I mean is I don’t know how anyone can have such courage to pull that off. If I would do something like that, I’d make sure that nobody is around me and it’s impossible for anyone to see me. I won’t risk my job just like that. Besides, si IBMer na rin nagsabi na mas maraming crew during the time he bought the sandwich. I’m not in defense of TSG, I just see inconsistencies dun sa allegations ni IBMer, and I think the burden of truth is on him. @potpot

  12. I have a brother who works at restaurants, and sad to say they really do these things to customers. My brother would even brag at me that he had a bad customer (irate whatever) and as a revenge he would spit on the drinks or put the burger patty on the floor or trash can before serving it to the customer. Sorry to bump at an old thread but can’t help to comment because I really know that this really happens. Maybe you irked one of the waiters/servers so he did that. This happens, sad but true.