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Jejemon and Jejetyping

Posted on April 24, 2010  in Blog Experiences

You see them in Facebook and other social networking sites. You might probably see some of their works in your IM (instant messaging applications) and SMS message. Some love them, some hate them. So what is Jejemon?

Jejemons are people who use of irrational spelling, alternating capitalization of letters, and other weird characters and punctuations in their messages, comments and status in social networking sites, IMs and sms messages.
Same samplers:

aRe u tYpFing LyK diZS?

kHamuSta Kha na fPhoE?

eoW P0wh p0wHzz jejejeje

gAnitOh phoH uNg jhejhemOnH mga pHafanShiN kOngH Mhag TypHe KakAiniZh nUh? aNg aRtE!

Long time ago, I refer to this kind of typing as rtard or retard commenting (especially in comments in blogs and Facebook), but since Jejemon seems to be the official term now I will use it from now on.

I got my share of Jejemon or r-tard commenting when I posted the stoya party issue last year. provides a somehow derogatory description about jejemon, but I learned that the term was coined because Jejemons usually type Jejeje instead of the usual hehehe, and they morphed the jeje word with –Mon suffix to relate it to the famous Pokemon/Digimon (poor Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle).

Some sources say that Jejemon is some type of l33t-speak, but I think its a far-fetched idea 🙂

Jejetyping is the act of typing of these weird messages and I agree that this is really annoying to non-jejemons.

I will not condemn Jejemon on this post, but I will not support them either. As the song goes Live and Let Live (or better yet… Live and Let Die)

Several groups have emerged to combat Jejemon. Jejebusters, Anti-jeje and GOTTA KILL ‘EM ALL JEJEMON! are just some example groups who vowed to wipe out jejemons existence in this world 🙂

And if pokemons are captured by using a pokeball, Jejeballs are the one used to capture jejemon.

Put Jejemon Here

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Are you a Jejemon? Or do you find Jejemons’ annoying???

Kindly leave some comments here in my blog. (Jejemon comments are welcome for this post. No decision yet on the need of modifying my comment policy to explicitly prohibit Jejemon comments in the future)

0 thoughts on “Jejemon and Jejetyping”

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  2. i think that “jejemons” are not that too bad..
    they just want to express how intricate their manners are in terms of texting and blogging etc.
    its just that sometimes, we are too judgmental..
    we must not judge them by the manner they text..


    im not a pro-jejemon..
    i just want to clear that..

    its just that we filipinos have a wide variety of personalities…
    and we, being one them, must be considerate and not over react to simple texting issue…


  3. Hindi ako pro-jejemon. Pero the level of hatred is ridiculous. Makes me think na binigyan ang tao ng “acceptable” na “label” kesa sa term dati na squatter dahil parang taboo ang pagdidiscriminate sa mga sqautter.

    Parang nagkaroon ng way ang tao para maglabas ng frustrated discrimination. Hindi naman in general, I mean, yes irritating yung way of texting nila, pero to make groups that advocate “Killing all jejemons” is just too much. Kailangan bumaba ng ibang tao sa kanilang pedestal dahil the way I see it, most of the “haters” see themselves as people who are better than these “jejemons” Yung common na makikita na arguement is yung “mga bobo/low I.Q. ang mga jejemon” So what does that mean? Ibig sabihin ba noon ay dahil hindi ka part ng subculture na ‘yun na magaling ka na or matalino?

    Just thinking out loud. Wala na kasing respect for the PERSON kadalasan e, parang rabid dogs nalang yung jejemon haters. Ano bang mas malala “eOw poHwZ” o yung “t*ng*ina mong jejemon ka m*m*tay ka na” ?

    If you really hate jejemons, I say leave them alone. Kung sinubukan mong pagsabihan ‘tas ganun parin, leave it be. You did your part, no reason to be rabid.

    1. @Tink
      I made some edits in your comment, since it did not conform to my comment policy. also its too long (longer than 200 words) but I’m giving out some minor exception, since you raised some good points.

  4. Pataas ng pataas ang search trend ng Jejemon. Marami ang na cucurious tungkol dito..jejejej (joke) ..The more we talk about them mas nagiging sikat sila and their own brand of grammar..

  5. Jejemon Buzter

    Hay nako kung pinoy ka maiintindihan mo n lahat ng mga type nila ay mali kaasar kung lagi gan2 matatangap mo na messages bad3p un d b~?

  6. Ashley hate jejemons because when other kids grow up they wouldn’t know the alphabet. Lois hate jejemons because there typing is really irritating. Jersey hate jejemons because there so papansin for tamad.


  7. Aizamay Dechos

    jejemon is mot reqiured in the republic….!OK?because of this JEJEMON,many children would be GAYA2X of this………..! ;-,

  8. Question: Bakit jeje-cap ang props ng mga jejemon?

    Answer: maraming dahilan kung bakit ganun ang itsura ng jeje-cap…

    may rainbow colors
    tska pinapatong lang sa ulo.

    ok, eto na ang reasons…

    1) mahaba – para mag mukha lang tanga.. yun lang…

    1) rainbow color – mahilig manood ng youtube. Puro yun lang ang ginagawa. Manood at mag-comment. Tingnan nyo na lang ang comments sa mga sikat na youtube uploads, puro mga jejemon mga nag-comment. Kala mo marami alam pero…

    3) pinapatong lang sa ulo – madaling matanggal. kahit anong ibigay mong aral sa kanila, lilipad lang yun.. parang hinangin na jeje-cap.

    and finally…
    4) yung jeje-cap mismo…

    Yun ang piniling prop kasi CAP-os na nga sa pera, (iskwaking),
    CAP-os pa sa pag-iisip!

    Beware of the jeje-mons. Baka matulad ka nila…

  9. I want to defend the side of jejemons because I am also one of the jejemonians. Being a jejemon does not make me illiterate. Besides, I am a language/writing teacher and an editor of international essays. For me, writing in a jejemon sytle is just one way of expressing ourselves. Everyone has his or her own foolishness, but I do not actually mean that this way of writing is foolish. What I mean is it gives happiness to jejemonians, including me, without affecting our moral values. We should focus on the content of the language not with the way it was written. Jejemon is just a fad.. Cge kayu guys, pg di kayo marunong sumunod sa uso, tatanda kayo nyan. Then, that will be a more annoying problem (kidding). Ika nga, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so we, jejemons, find it beautiful in our eyes, and no one can question that. Peace to all nalang siguro! 🙂

    1. @Omar Corpuz,

      Cge kayu guys, pg di kayo marunong sumunod sa uso, tatanda kayo nyan.

      If I believe its an r-tard/retard thing to do, I will not do it for the sake of it being an “uso”. Kahit na pa kantyawan mo ako na tatanda ako pag ganito paniniwala ko :p