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WordPress Stats Broken?

Posted on October 4, 2010  in Blog Experiences

I’m running a hosted wordpress blog and logged in my admin page this evening (October 4, 2010, 11 PM GMT +8) and I noticed that my WordPress Stats seems to be broken. WordPress Dashboard have this Site Stats tab:

and clicking it will redirect me to a login page for my old blog.

I know this and this WordPress Stats plugin was tightly integrated before and is working smoothly. I did not have similar problems for a long long time (xx number of months) until today. Admins can manually enter their account and choose their blog to get their wordpress stats, but hey that’s a messy process for me (and hopefully most admins will agree too).

I searched the net but top results and it points me to old discussions in support forums with entries and updates dated some 1~2 years ago.

Twitter searches about WordPress Stats Broken seems to yield better results: other wordpress bloggers are tweeting about it so I’m not alone 🙂 Twitter is really more real-time!!!

Funny thing here is I am about to post my Wordcamp Philippines 2010 insights, but I guess I can postpone it for another day and try to research more on how to resolve this issue (will update this post asap).

For wordpress bloggers out there: Is your wordpress stats broken too? Share your experience (and solutions too if you have) by leaving some comments here or contact me via my contact page.

Update 2010.10.05

As of 1:30AM (GMT+8)  It seems this is fixed now.

0 thoughts on “WordPress Stats Broken?”

  1. Yep, having the same problem!! Also, when loggin into I cannot seem to correctly surf the account and universal dashboard.
    Hope this is a quick bug that the WP dudes will fix ASAP!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! I experienced the same issue and was worried whether someone has hacked into my account. I did a BLOG search and found yours. Now I feel better knowing I’m not alone and I’m not going insane.

  3. I’m having the exact same problem right now (on a WordPress 3.01 install with a few plugins). If I remember correctly, it was working yesterday. Cleaning the cookies and/or changing browser don’t seem to be any help.

    Btw this post is currently the second result for “wordpress “site stats” broken” on Google – not so bad for quick indexation 😉