TROJ_DROP.BP – A Firefox Malware


I stumbled upon a Computerworld article and it reported that Bitdefender guys got hold of a malicious infostealer that poses as a Firefox plugin. Bitdefender detects it as Trojan.PWS.ChromeInject.A (Trend Micro as TROJ_DROP.BP). Complete details can be found here

In my previous blogs, I usually do not care to post about these new antimalware/antivirus stuffs but what got me interested is this: I recently installed Firefox on several of my PCs to see how will look like using different browsers (honestly before I was a pure IE7 kid, but I recently said my goodbye to those all MS-days of mine), and its very intriguing to know that now even Firefox have its own share of this malware menace. I believe this just highlights some points:

1. When you gain market share you the probability of being the target for malware will be higher. So its true that Firefox is gaining on IE then 😮 ??? So Apple better watch out 🙂

2. Where there is money, bad guys will go (there) to get milk and honey (hehe my rhyme sucks). But seriously look at the sites that the trojan targets (see Computerworld article) and you will get my point better.

I’ll try to write more AV/techie stuffs on this blog next time.