Pangandaman-Dela Paz Golf Brawl Update


Valley Golf and Country Club officials have released their findings and recommendations on this golf brawling incident. They expelled Delfin dela Paz for “disorderly conduct in instigating the brawl”. Bambee and Lino, since they are dependents of the expelled member were prohibited from the golf course. Secretary Nasser Pangandaman Sr. was suspended for two years, while his sons Masiu Town Mayor Nasser Jr. and Hussein were “banned for life” from the golf club’s premises. For the complete details of this read article.

I just hope and pray that the officials of the posh Antipolo golf club acted fairly and is 100% based on real accounts of eyewitnesses. I will let proper courts settle this issue.

Personally, I don’t know both camps. I also don’t play golf (I’m a poor boy, no money for golf) so I should stay away from this issue. But what the heck, this site happens to be my blog and one of the little privileges I’ve got here is to have my own online political rant space. So my comment:

The camp of the Agrarian Reform Secretary is saying that they are victims of trial by publicity. Quoting the DAR Secretary in article.

He said that Bambee’s e-mail, widely used in newspaper accounts without the Pangandaman comment, had hurt the family.

C’mon Mr. Secretary, that’s such a lamer (and “such a loser yaya”) statement and excuse. You and your camp can do better than that 🙂 like what… errrr… let me see… hire some PR guys (or an army of bloggers in disguise) to do your counter-trial by publicity. Or was the “Tides of Darkness” brought by the wrath of the bloggers too much “Power Overwhelming” for you and your minions?

To the board of directors of the golf club, maybe you can revisit your guidelines on hazardous items that cannot be brought to the golf club. Knives and baseball bats should be banned I agree, and firearms too. Firearms are dangerous too they can also kill you know.

I wish my comments above are not that malicious for me to get a libel charge. In the event that you find this post libelous, drop me a note in the contact page . I’m not a lawyer but please give me some heads up so that I can consult some fellow bloggers who knows much about libel and law (will get permission from them if I can post their links here) or if they are not available I can consult my other friends. Or if you have other opinions (whether assenting or dissenting or even non-sense) or you cannot understand what “tides of darkness”, “power overwhelming” and “you’re such a loser yaya” means, drop me some comments here, I’m very open to suggestions and criticisms.