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Hon Load Mo Ako Text Scam

Posted on February 4, 2009  in Personal Experiences

I got this sms message from +639064579932

Send your own SMS with SMSCaster ! >hon d2 ka mag reply load mo ako 300pesos

One look and I know it’s a SMS TEXT scam. I asked Raven and some friends and they did receive such text messages before. Searching the internet, it seems this scam is rampant in the Philippines. The perpetrator is using different cellular phone numbers and requesting for different amounts of cellphone load ranging from 30 pesos to 300 pesos.

It uses a good social engineering technique: “Hon” is the shortened form of “Honey” a popular term of endearment among couples in the Philippines. One possible setup scenario is that the scammer pretends to be the sweetheart who may have lost his/her cellular phone and he/she is using a different number and then asks for phone prepaid load. Mobile phone prepaid loading business is very popular in the Philippines. Even the smallest neighborhood “sari-sari” store have this prepaid mobile phone loading system.

Digging further on the SMSCaster keyword, I found some information about their business. The site describes their software as:

a Bulk SMS text messaging software for businesses to send marketing & advertising SMS messages to customers with mobile phone from PC (personal computers)

I don’t know if they are legitimate company or not, but they are being used by scammers that’s for sure.

To the scammer: I will make your scheme known to the whole menardconnected world. I’ll make you (in)famous! πŸ™‚
I might even collect the numbers you use and post it here and do more awareness posts on your shameless deeds.

To the readers of this blog: I know you are smart enough to know that this is a scam, but my advise is that you share this knowledge to others (especially to your not-so-techie-friendly folks, friends, relatives and so on). If you receive similar text scam, feel free to leave a message here. If you have blog post discussing the experience, we can even do link exchange if you like.

Lets expose all scammers ok?

Update 02.25.2009

Scammer’s Number:




Update: 2009.08.19
Another SMS Scam worth knowing:
SMS Scam: Marie Velasco

0 thoughts on “Hon Load Mo Ako Text Scam”

  1. madalas akong makatanggap ng ganyan dati. yung tipong ang drama eh piso na lang ang load nya so dapat loadan ko sya. ang ginagawa ko, text back ako na tawagan ako para idikta ko ang number ng cellcard. aba’t tumawag nga ang engot! hehe…

  2. i received similar message but the texter was asking for 900 pesos. mobile num was +639155272771. akala ko nga sister ko ung nagtext kasi sakto na nawala ung fone nya and “hon” ang tawag nya sa bf nya. so akala ko wrong send lang. isipin mo kung ung bf nya ung nakatanggap nun, malamang nagpadala nga ng load un.

    1. Hi Feann,
      Thanks for dropping by! I’ll add the number you gave to the post.
      Wow 900 na?
      Nabasa ko sa ibang blog at forum na yan daw text scam na yan ay isa sa mga naging dahilan rin ng maraming away ng mga bf/gf at mag-asawa πŸ™

  3. i received a new text msg today. not sure if this is a scam. looks like it. no time yet to research. maybe you can help. message is as follows :
    “Congrats!Ur sim# won 1.2M+NOKIA N78 as PCSO LUCKY WINNER. DTI#8846 series of ’09. 4info call nw.GEN.MNGR.ROSARIO C. URIARTE#09169117800”

    1. Hi Feann,
      From the looks of it… it’s a scam. Winnings that big (PHP 1.2M) needs notification via good ol postal snail mail. Good social engineering though since the name used is an official of PCSO. Will research on this over the weekend

  4. This is a supreme example of technology abuse — what was intended for mass messaging is now used to annoy and victimize countless people.

    Isa na namang kumag na nanggaling sa disposable number na ito — 09156006670

  5. I just received today a text scam telling me to text a number 09261189197 to claim my 1.2M from PCSO and free Nokia N78. the scammers number is +639261189197 including a per DTI number. Good I called Globe to check if there was indeed an ongoing promo between them and PCSO.

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  7. add this number too. apparently, my sister was conned to the tune of 8k PhP just this morning. this person pretended to be me, sent my father my supposed “new” roaming number, and my father sent to everyone my “new” phone details. this person then persuaded my sis to be in partner with me to open up some business selling prepaid cards and he needed some cards, and her bank details so that the profits will be deposited in that account. too late… my sister already sent the card details BEFORE she called me to verify. call that stupidity at it’s best, lol.


  8. 09216205352 BEWARE OF THIS NUMBER

    the texter pretended to be my brother who happens to be working abroad and asked my father to send P30,000 worth of cell card for a business. My father sent all through text and later found out that it was not my brother when my brother called us up as he wants to ask how were doing. TOO LATE the cards has already been sent to the scammer!!F*ck**g ***hole

  9. i got a text from this number: 09086332470

    “c lyn ito pkiload m ko ng 115 d2 kame hospital klngan lng nmen 2mwag daan ko mya byad dyan pls tnx, new # ko 2. txbk asap”

    kapal ng face!

  10. un kamag anak ko nalako sya ng 20k..ganito cbi ng scammer…sis pa loadan mo ko ng 300 pesos pra sa packaging nya sa abroad.tpos pki load mo ko ng madami pra ibenta ko d2 sa abroad tpos babalik ko sau puhunan mo sa linggo..tumawag ang kamag anak sa scammer na gayang-gaya nya boses ng kapatid nya kya napaniwala sya ka agad.pag dating linggo wala napadala un scammer…pti un mga friends ng pinsan ko kilala ng hacker/scammer..

  11. Got conned big time by this number! Please beware! 09194983676! And it is still active. I lost P47,000 in a span of 10 days! Whew! He/she claimed that he/she was my auntie who is working in Saudi. To my stupidity at the highest level, I gave in to his/her request!!! Pamatay talaga! How could I been so stupid. Tsk, tsk, tsk!!! Buti na lang, I have a very loving and understanding husband… Now, I am P47K poorer and incurred debts with my husband tuloy. The joke is on me. Kaya, beware of this number. Thanks!

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  13. Shocks! Naloko kami ng ganito. 17k ang naloko samin! Sabi mabebenta daw ng 1000.00 sa states yung load. Pano na to? please.

    1. @rach,
      Have you tried reporting to the Service Provider (e.g. Globe/Smart/etc.)?
      Mahirap talagang yang mga text/SMS scam na yan.
      Ang advise ko lang, e maging alerto at maingat tayong lahat pagdating sa mga kaduda-dudang text/sms messages.

  14. And advise ko po siguro wag tayong maging mapaghangad lalo na kung alam natin na parang imposible na at kahit gumastos tayo ng konteng halaga just to confirm na totoo ang papasuking transaction. Mahirap po ang buhay ngayon we need to be more wiser than s**pid scammers na yan.

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  17. Beware of this number 639286666201, texting saying he/she a relative of yours who’s in abroad. Texting asking for a prepaid load for business purpose and promises you’ll get the money bigger than the price of the real amount. This number is still active and texting and indeed a scam. We already report this to the authority and smart service company.

  18. 15 pcs na smart500 at 5 globe500 na prepaid ba naman ang pinapapasa niya at kunwari roaming number siya ng kakilala ko…huh mark this number as scam!!

  19. Hi,it may be very embarssing but i was victimized by this scam. I don’t even know tis kind of scam exist. gaya ng ngyri s iba, i received a text n sbi new roaming number ng sis ko and proposed a business and since i trust her nmn i did, sad to say na-scam tlga ako. if there is a way we can trace these EVILS i would be glad to know. Khit d n mabalik ung nasacam skin, i just wanted to know whithese are….639081434692 ung scammer no.

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  21. nabiktima rin ang nanay ko ngayon lang,nakapagbigay na sya ng worth 30,000 na load.wala bang paraan para ma-trace kung sino yun demonyo na yun?pls.kung meron man,pls.tell me habang nakikipag-komunikasyon pa sya sa nanay!!!

  22. wala na ba kaming pwedeng gawin para mahuli yan mga txt scammers.sabi ng iba “say bye bye nalang sa money nadenggoy sayo.its sad naman kung wala tayong magagawa kundi iyakan ang perang nanakaw sa atin.sana naman may way para mahuli yan mga mapagsamantala!grrr…

  23. I also got the same scam before but now, they’re using a different technique. The scammer said:

    “Mzta na kau jan?e2 na bgo roaming # q,0k lng naman aq ipa2dala aq jan mga gm8,my mga sapat0s,ceph0ne at iba knya knya na dn un pangalan..pki pal0adan m0 muna aq ng 300 imp0rtante lng.w8 q.thanks..ingat kau jan lge..”

    Hah. As if I would fall for that trick. I don’t know any relative or friend who’s out of the country. XP that bastard. That person’s number is

    +63[number pending verification from commenter]


  24. eto pa….
    +639157707689 saying:
    Musta na kyo, ito bago roaming nunber ko, my ippadala ako nextwik, bka pwedi paload mna nito thanks.

  25. nsam din ako eto ang text” musta na kau dyan pinas? ngpadala nako ngpackage dyan. pakiloadan kmu ako ng 300 bka biglaan ang uwi ko kelangan ko lng tawagan ang agency ko.” eh ung sis ko nsa UAE uuwi na dis dec wala nga lng date at ng padala nga sya ng package.. kya naniwala kagad ako. hangang sa umabot ng 2600 ang napaloadan ko skanya… tumawag ang sis ko after a day hindi dw sya. sus pano nila nalalaman ang mga ganitong details? kainis. eto ang # 09394557789

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  27. My husband got this message: hon send mo ako load 150pesos d2 new cp# 09266893241 ko, sender: 09163045856.

    I want you to post this that many will know these numbers as scammers too. tnx.

  28. I think my mom is the latest victim. The scammer pretended to be also working abroad and knows some personal family details. I wanna know if cases like are ever resolved. please help!

  29. I guess there’s nothing we can do to get our money back, I just hope National Telecommunications Commission does something about this.

    the number is 09064764022. You stole hard earned money from us you M******F******! All I can say to you whoever you are, Karma is bitch. You will get what u deserve ten if not a hundred times more. You can rot in hell!

  30. kabagobago lang ng number ko may manloloko agad..
    aq e2 kkrcve ko lang ng txt na ganun same number semder:09163045854 “hon send mo ako load 150pesos d2new cp# 09155691764.. kala nmn nia ngayon lang ako pinanganak.. kaya nireplyan ko xa ng “baka hindi ka g*go at naggagugaguhan k lang.” pinost ko n din sa mga friends ko para hindi sila maloko.

  31. my mother in law is also a victim of this scam. same scenario, the scammer pretended to be her daughter who’s in qatar telling her that its her new number and asked her to send P300 load. then they exchange txts na, proposed her of a loading business. Unfortunately, she gives in. Whew! she lost 21k in just one day. 09219968754 – the user of this number can go to hell!!

  32. my friend i am a text marketer i use the same software as this known scammers, i sell real estate , to cars , to simple advertisments. however because of this LOWLIFE SCAMMERS my Good nature is bieng ruined. ive been trying to track down this perpitraors for month and bring them to justice. nakakainis na kasi apectado negosyo ko….

    1. @TextMarketer
      As of the moment, I have not approved your comment (3 comments so far). Contact me via my contact page as I need to verify something first before I decide if I will approve or reject your comment. Also, kindly be reminded of my comment policy.

  33. i have started stransmiting this text campaing to the public lately

    091574341880, 09276164537, 09276162465, 09276162465, 09276163257, 09064579932, 09278531221
    09155272771, 09064579932, 09169117800, 09155272771, 09261189197, 09163045856, 09163045890
    09163045854, 09163045854, 09155691764, 09219968754, 09064764022,

    To the General Public These numbers which appears above asking for help or pity, or telling you that you’re last Digits won the raffle won contact Atty., or the hon load mo ako text are all SCAMS. Do not believe nor entertain this txt messages. Our company is doing our best to disseminate this message to stop this nonsense SCAMS. We are law Abiding Company and we care for your welfare. We deliver txt advertisements only and never ask anything in return. please help us fight this SMS Criminals pass to your friends and love ones.

  34. This perpitrators are really hard to track down since they have the ability to send Thousands of sms in just a couple of minutes, my experince since i also use the same system. and there ability to change sim that instant. its just so sad that law abiding citizens like me break my back back just to earn a honest bcuk a day get dragged with this type of lowlife people. Everytime i send ads to the public 50% percent o what i recieved from replys are ” mam*tay ka na” “G*GO” or worst papatayin kita….