Two Knocks on the Window

Personal Experiences

I’m a blogger driver. I brave the streets of Metro Manila everyday. This is the main reason why I am very interested in knowing the lowest unleaded gasoline prices and share it to my fellow bloggers and readers. To all the drivers out there, maybe the tip below can help you.

You’re familiar with the street children on the road, asking for a small change right (“Barya lang po ser, mam“)? How about the instant car-wash boys on the streets during traffic? If we have the same experience, then you would know that they are really persistent and “makulit“. They will bug you until you give them some spare change. They will even wipe their face on your side window, just to annoy you (and so that you already so annoyed you may give in and spare some change and they will go away). Do you want a remedy to end their persistence and “pangugulit“?

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not the arrogant or anti-poor kind of guy. I believe it giving to the needy and sharing your blessings to the less fortunate. But that belief does not mean I will give my money to all street children who will beg whenever I’m driving. I will give it to charitable institutions and not to them. They are a big road hazard and I know of stories that these street kids are part of a bigger syndicate but that’s another story worth of another post in the future.

So back to our main topic. So do you want to know my tip?

Just knock two times on the window where the street children is asking you for money. Yes two knocks. And see what will happen 🙂

This tip is shared to me by my friend who is an expert on these things. Let me know if this trick will be useful for you, and when they (the street children) go away, drop me some comments here or post something via my contact page.