Kaspersky and Bitdefender Sites and Database hacked?


A hacker reported that they he have breached Kaspersky US web site. He claimed that he have successfully done an SQL injection attack enabling their group to access the database containing customer information as well as some Kaspersky proprietary information. For full story read the TheRegister.co.uk.

Kaspersky officials denied the claims of the hacker in their website. Quoting Kaspersky site.

…The attack was unsuccessful and, despite their attempts, the hackers were unable to gain access to restricted information stored on the website. Claims by the hackers responsible for the attack that they had managed to gain access to user data are untrue.
As a result of the attack, a vulnerability was found in one section of the usa.kaspersky.com website. Company personnel took immediate action to address the issue, and the vulnerability was closed a short time later.

Following the hackers’ blog via the theregister. co.uk article, the hacker claimed that they have also breached Bitdefender website and had access to some customer information. Btw, Bitdefender is also an antivirus software vendor like Kaspersky. No information is available via the Bitdefender website to dispute this claim. Comments on the hacker blog post points out that the website in question is a Bitdefender distributor site in Europe.

If these data breaches are true, all I can say is my heart goes to Kaspersky and Bitdefender guys (Hey! these are good guys). Just like what I mentioned in my Google interstitial error post last January 31, the important this here is that they: Face it, Fix It and Move On.

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