Crazy Gasoline Prices

Personal Experiences

I really do not understand why these unleaded gasoline prices are so unstable nowadays. Take for example this gasoline station in San Juan last week wherein I just loaded 500 pesos worth of gas.


And then after two days, I stumbled upon another gasoline station on the same city (San Juan) two kilometers from the previous one and guess what’s the price of unleaded gasoline here:

I loaded full tank of course, since this is the cheapest I can find now. P4.62 per liter lower than the other station. This is a very economical decision. Considering they are from the same company (big three), what’s the real deal behind the big price difference?

This is a follow up post for my lowest prices of unleaded gasoline series.

If you know of a better deal than the 2nd station, feel free to drop some comments here.