Marble Slab Concoctions


It’s summertime! A good way to beat the heat is to go out and have some ice cream. I know a perfect place: Nestle Creamery!


The one on the right is the Vanilla Rocher Crunch for me. It comes with a cone to munch. It’s a house specialty of Nestle Creamery, vanilla ice cream mixed in the cold marble slab. We usually order it with extra streusel bits.


The one on the left is for Raven: Blueberry Crumble, another house specialty. It’s vanilla ice cream mixed with blueberry and other yummy stuffs.


A closer look at my vanilla rocher:


After finishing the ice cream you feel like you won the minor price in Philippine Lotto 🙂

Special thanks to for the inspiration (I like your Halu-Halo post).

If you want to know more about the ice cream place or you have other yummy links to beat the summer heat, kindly leave some comments here.

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