MU Season 4 in Philippines This September?


Several weeks ago, I received a newsletter from mobiusgames that MU Season 4 will hit the Philippine gaming scene this September 2009. I had some free time this weekend and tried to visit the content of the newsletter. The new season boasts of the new character class (summoner) as well as the 3rd class wings.

I’m not excited with MU Season 4. I played the MU Season 2 in the old Maya and Titan Servers and was in some time part of the guild/alliance that maintained a good hold of the castle. I love playing MU way back then together with Raven, Ujinn, Baroye, Kamote and the rest of the folks (drop me some comments if you think we might be guildmates). I just wonder why they are skipping the season 3. I’ll keep my blog posted on the developments.

In the meantime enjoy this video courtesy of youtube and

If you want more details, kindly visit this site

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