TriNoma Cinema and Watchmen


After having dinner with some friends and buying some things at TriNoma, Raven and I decided to take a break and watch a movie yesterday. We picked Watchmen since it’s related to one of her projects at work.

Below is the trailer video courtesy of youtube:

Watchmen is not your usual superhero in a costume flick. Setting is based on an alternate history of United States in the middle of the Cold War with the Russians. I won’t give a full review here, but I rate it as a 3 out of 5. Some things worth mentioning:

  • the movie can be dragging, maybe because of the narration and too much dialog
  • Rorschach (pronounced as Roar-shak) is an interesting character. I almost forgot the origin of his name (Rorschach Cards/inkblot text used in psychology, it was some sort of an extra project for me in college)
  • I think the sexy scenes (in their aircraft) can be omitted 🙂

Visit the official movie site here

For TriNoma Cinema 2, I rate it: 2 out of 5. I think the cinema is quite new, but we are just wondering why the chairs are kind of squeaky already.

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