Spam SMS of the Week – Part 2

Personal Experiences

As a follow up to my Spam SMS post, here are another set of those annoying and useless text messages I’ve got. I will be removing the exact contact numbers, but will be retaining the contact names so that the spammers will be famous 🙂

SMS #1

Avail of our Cashloan 4 as low as1.29%/mo.Loan 30k-1M,Atleast 1yr.reglar w/min.gross income of 20k/ at xxxxxxx/yyyyyyy/0927zzzzzzz.Thanks!/Benny

SMS #2

Avail our SCB ez cashloan &get up to 2M loan 4 as low as 1.28% int/mo!must have 15k basic salary.Call (xx)xxx-xxxx/0927yyyyyyy.Luk 4 Kyla.tnx

SMS #3

Hi!Good day!We offer 1 day process & No processing fee to AVAIL our CASH LOAN from CHINATRUST BANK.Pls. Call xxx-xxxx / yyy-yyyy or zzz-zzzz.Look for REY DELA CRUZ or CHAT.Ty

SMS #3 is part of my first Spam SMS post. I wonder where they harvested my precious mobile number 🙂

If you are receiving similar Spam SMS, drop me some comments here and tell me how you feel about it (e.g. Are you happy, excited, or plain deadma).

If you think you are the sender of this Spam SMS, and wish to contact me, drop me a note via my contact page.

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