Downad, Conficker and April 1 – Part 3


A follow-up post on my Downad Conficker April 1 article series.

The D-Day has passed and it is good to hear that there were no major devastating issues related to Downad. But as Mad-Eye Moody of the Harry Potter series would say “Constant Vigilance!“. Nuff said 🙂

Below is an interesting article from ZDNET blogs. If you like some visualization to know if you are infected by Downad, read on…

Because Conficker blocks victims from visiting Web sites for anti-malware vendors, Joe Stewart from SecureWorks has come up with a clever eye-chart (if that gets blocked, try this one) that provides visual confirmation on infections.

If you can see all three images in the top grid below, your computer is NOT infected with Conficker. However, if one of the F-Secure, SecureWorks or Trend Micro logos appears broken, chances are your computer is part of the Conficker botnet. Here’s the explanation on how to interpret the chart.

Want to know more, kindly visit this ZDNet Zero Day article.

Another visualization of Downad/Conficker Traffic can be viewed at this Trend Micro Malware Blog article.

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