Abner Afuang: Senate Water Splashing Hero!!!

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The video below was taken from GMANEWS.TV clip of the Senate Hearing on the Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili Video Scandal. The water splashing guy is Abner Afuang.

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I admire Abner Afuang‘s courageous act in the Senate room. I know the Senate most probably will go hard on him. I confirmed this Abner Afuang is the same: former Manila policeman, former Pagsanjan, Laguna town mayor, activist and now a reporter. He was also the same man that Philip Salvador portrayed in the 1988 flick.

I just wonder if Maricar Reyes will also testify against Hayden Kho on the Maricar Reyes Scandal. If she will, I will advise Mr. Abner Afuang to use boiling water next time around 🙂

Update 05.28.2009.7PM (GMT+8). Saw Abner Afuang on GMA News. He said he did the water splashing scene in the Senate because thinks Hayden Kho is a swine (“baboy”) and he is also a father and he has a daughter.

Then this is the icing in the cake: when Mr. Afuang was being led to the Senate Security Room, he mentioned to the guards escorting him that Hayden is lucky because he did not have his gun with him! If he have smuggled his gun into the senate room, then this will be all over. Nuff said. He is a hard-hitting man!

I know this comment of mine will draw some strong criticisms, but I’m really getting tired of Hayden’s lamer excuses (go watch GMA News one on one interview with him) and I more inclined to like support this street justice stance. I salute you Abner Afuang!

Update 05.28.2009.9PM (GMT+8)
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Update 05.30.2009.4PM (GMT+8)
Abner Afuang goes out of jail. Senator Revilla apologizes. I agree to the chants of the crowd 🙂 You’re my idol Mr. Afuang.

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