Spam SMS of the Month

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Spammers, spammers go away come again another day. But I guess Spam SMS are here to stay.

Here is another set of annoying unsolicited SMS messages I’ve got for the past few weeks.


Gud day! SCB gives personal loan 50k to 2M For only 1.28% up to 48 months.Plus get a FREE ZEST AIR Fare. 4 more details call xxxyyzz luk 4 GERALD.GOD BLESS

Its a good thing that the spammer wishes me well 🙂


Gud News 2 all Employees! Need Cash fast ! BoroW avail fr.30K up2 1milion as low 1.39% int/mo. Atleast w/15K basic salary Jus prepare ur reqts aTTN.MS.JHEN aaabbcc/dddeeff. w/c itr 2316,1mo. lates payslip,2id’s & ader govt id bak2 bak w/3 signature.& optional latest COE w/ brekdown inc. from.-citibank,Maybank, GE Money bank, premier bnk,planters bnk,standard chartered & .If ntrested,u may tex ur name, company & tel. #

Wow! complete with requirements. Are you sure you will not use my personal details for other things?

Do you also receive unsolicited SMS messages every now and then? If yes, feel free to share to us by leaving some comments here.

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