Another SMS Spam

Personal Experiences

We got another annoying Spam SMS making rounds this week. The message goes:

PGMA CHARITY FOUNDATION, informing you that ur CELL# had w0n 950,000,00 2ndprize last Aug13,09. DTI#01401 series of 2009 PLS call us NW,im,£eah lopez,

Sender’s Number:

Setting aside my political opinion (especially on the choice of foundation name 🙂 ), here are some of my advise on unsolicited sms messages:
1. Any message telling you that you have won a big prize via SMS is either a SMS Spam or an SMS scam.
Why? Simple logic will tell you that if the organizers can really give that much money, then they should have means to call you (via mobile phone or landline) and not send SMS.
Also in my opinion prizes this big needs some notification via telegram of postal mail.
2. Beware of sketchy SMS messages that have DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) permit number xxxyyyzz, series of year wwww. Scammers think that putting this will add credibility to their modus operandi, but they are mere numbers for me. You can check it with DTI yourself.

If you also receive similar unsolicited sms messages, kindly leave some comments here.