TrendLabs Blogcon Part 02

Personal Experiences

Last Wednesday (September 16) was TrendLabs Blogcon Day 02. This is my 3rd post on the TrendLabs Blogcon event.

As I mentioned on my first TrendLabs Blogcon post, I’m anticipating this session since this is Master Yuga’s session. Master Yuga is none other than Abe Olandres of I am sharing some highlights and my learnings from the session:

Master Yugatech wisdom on blogging

  • It is advisable to view blogging as a pastime or hobby, and not a work.
  • Blogging is less about writing but more on communicating.

His tips on how to blog effectively:

  • Find a blogging voice
  • Keep It Short and Simple
  • Keep it bite-size. Bullets are better than paragraphs
  • Illustrate
  • Make parallels

I am trying these tips on my post today 🙂

Another helpful tip on blogging was “Wash, rinse and repeat”. As I understand this phrase, he mentions that the tricks he shares on blogging may not all be applicable to all situations, so each individual blogger must pick what fits then, modify some to fit them and then repeat the effective processes.

On some defining moments on blogging: He shared that after guesting on TV show and sharing how much he earns online, he drew some flak from one of the host. But he also started receiving many sms messages asking advise on blogging (starting with “Kuya, ang nanay ko labandera…”) and since then he is sharing his knowledge in blogging like “paying it forward”.

What motivates him to blog?

  • The challenge
  • The fun
  • The recognition
  • And the profit.  Earnings and profits was more icing on the cake. Naks!

But my take on this statement is this: If the icing on the cake is 6-figures a month (he shared some estimates on how much he is earning online a month now, not confirming if its PHP or USD) I want to be a cake-maker too!!! Even part-time 🙂

I really enjoyed TrendLabs Blogcon Day 2. Jayvee provided a good session on TrendLabs Blogcon Day 1 and Yuga really raised the bar in Day 2.

I am looking forward for TrendLabs Blogcon Day 3 tomorrow!

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