Facebook Cafe World Cheats and Tips Part 3: New Exciting Dishes


Zynga added some new content to Facebook Cafe World today. Several new tasty dishes that will definitely bring new flavors to the picky palates of the Café World fanatics. I am featuring them in my 3rd Cafe World Cheats and Tips post.

First we have the Chips and Guacamole. This is a perfect dish for the Cinco de Mayo Festival. Cook time is 3 minutes, the fastest one in the café world game. This dish sells 3 coins per serving.
chips and guacamole

Next is the Caramel Apples, a great dessert if you will ask me. This dish needs 2 hours cook time and sells 4 coins per serving.
caramel apples

Next is the Pumpkin Pie, a teaser for the Halloween I think. This dish needs 12 hours cook time just like the Triple Berry Cheesecake, but this one sells at 4 coins per serving.

pumpkin pie

Last but not the least is the uniquely named Vampire Staked Steak that needs the whole 24 hours for cooking and sells at 6 coins per serving.
vampire staked steak

Happy cooking everyone!!! Enjoy the Cafe World game in Facebook.

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