Menardconnect Pagerank Drop

Blog Experiences

After Menardconnect PageRank 1 update last April and PageRank 2 update on the end of May 2009, this blog’s Google Page Rank dropped to PR1 last week.

What is Pagerank by the way? PageRank is Google’s proprietary method of calculating a website or web page’s relevance and importance via some complicated link analysis algorithm. It is set on a scale of 1 to 10 (e.g PR1 to PR10) and the general rule is the higher the PR number the better (for the website).

I also read some of the fellow bloggers’ post on the PR updates recently and its helpful to see some explanation that there are really occasional drops in the rankings from time to time.

One key learning that got from this incident is that Pagerank is one good indicator or metrics for a blog/website, but it is NOT the only indicator that a blogger should watch out for and should take into consideration. For me, I’ll just continue to blog and seek ways on how to improve my blog (and hopefully Pagerank will follow).

How about you? Did you also have some Pagerank updates for your website recently?

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