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I got some email reminder from my college yahoogroups (mapuan and microns) and I am reposting it here in my blog:


NAMA office advised all Mapua Alumni to get a copy of their authenticated Diploma and Transcript of Records (TOR) within this year (2009).

This is in connection to the confirmation from the NAMA secretary that Mapua documents will be replaced by Malayan documents by 2010.

Meaning, if you requested a copy of your TOR in January 2010, you will be receiving a TOR with the MALAYAN logo. And most probably, a MALAYAN diploma too.

Also, if you still don’t have your NAMA Id, the NAMA office is urging us to get the Id within this year (2009).

Not sure though if the NAMA office at MIT-Intramuros will be removed once the implementation of the said change pushes through in 2010.

Please call the Customer Service or NAMA office for clarifications before making any action.

Mapua Hotline is (02) 247-5000.

Also, please take time to register in the NAMA site:

Please do inform other MAPUANS.


When I’m back in Manila I will make sure to drop by Intramuros campus to get the docs.

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