Facebook Café World Cheats and Tips New Expansion: Bountiful Cafe and New Recipes


A new cafe world expansion was made available today. The Bountiful Cafe expansion allows you to transform your café into a 13×15 area, the biggest possible area in Facebook Café World as of writing. This expansion costs 400,000 coins and if you have been saving enough since the last expansion this amount of coins should be easy to get.

If you don’t have that many coins worry not, you can also purchase it with 35 Cafe Cash

Zynga also released some tasty new recipes. In celebration of the Thanksgiving is the Savory Stuffed Turkey that costs 700 coins and will serve 1,200 diners at 3 coins each serving. The turkey have a cook time of 22 hours and will be a good alternative for those recipes that needs a day to cook (Halibut and Peking Duck)

Next in line is the Atomic Buffalo Wings that cooks in 3 hours. This recipe is good for 320 servings and will give 3 coins per serving

Last but not the least is the Buttermilk Pancakes that cooks in 45 minutes and serves 80 diners at 5 coins per serving.

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