Facebook Cafe World Tips: Christmas Time at the Café


Zynga is gearing up for the Christmas Holidays in Café World. New Cafe World Free Gifts have been released like the Poinsettia Plant
And the Ginger Man (reminds me of Gingy from the Shrek Series)


Two new recipes are also released and I believe these are just teasers and there will be new recipes to follow soon.
The Jammin’ Jelly Donuts serves 120 diners, cooks in 20 minutes and yield a coin each serving


And the Macaroni and Cheese recipe that cooks in 2 hours, contains 170 servings each worth some 3 coins.


Walls, Floorings and Decors that are related to the holidays are also released.
Some samplers includes the Holiday Gift Stocking


The Frosty Window


A new set of flooring in the Snow Flakes and Snow Drifts were also introduced


as well as a cool and icy Snowfall wall


Christmas and Holiday decors are plentiful in the new update. Some samplers include the Snowman


And two kinds of Pine Trees

pine trees

I saw some other decors like the Holiday Menorah and the North Pole Decor so these are all exciting updates for Cafe World.

Honestly, I am really tempted to redecorate my café. But first things first, I need to post this cafe world cheats series article 🙂

Hope you like my Facebook Cafe World Tips update.