Facebook Fishville Cheats and Tips Part 2: Clown Triggerfish


Zynga released a new special fish in Fishville. I think its really quite a special fish and may enable fast experience points so this is worthy to be mentioned in my Fishville Cheats article. The new fish in town is called the Clown Triggerfish and its gives 23 XP when you buy it, and gives 92 XP when you sell it at Level 1.


It grows in 3 hours so its comparable to the Blue Green Chromis, but definitely worth more experience points. The catch is that you will need 1 Fishville Sand Dollars each to buy it šŸ™‚


Facebook Sand Dollars is for sale at the Fishville Best Value Store. You can reach the Fishville Best Value Store by clicking the Get More Coins Tab.

Fishville Coins pricing info:


Fishville Sand Dollars pricing info:

And they are available via credit card (Visa, MasterCard and Discovery) and Paypal too.


Hope you like my Fishville Tips update post.

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