Facebook Cafe World Tips: Christmas Time at the Cafe Part 2


It’s really Christmas time in the Café World. Upon login you will be greeted by a splash welcome screen

'Tis the Season

Also, Zynga released a new recipe in Facebook Café World. One remarkable thing I liked about this dish is the high payoff: 24 coins per serving, the highest in the game as of writing. Yes, the Sweet Seasonal Ham cooks in 12 hours, lets you earn 24 coins per serving. The downside is that 1 cooking package contains 100 servings only.


Since I mentioned in my last Café World Cheats post that I’d like to redecorate my café, I gave into the temptation and I am giving you a glimpse of my Café: ala winter and holiday theme


Main attraction is the Santa Claus and the Snowman at the center of the café.


Hope you like my café world tips and update.