I Won in Yugatech’s Merry Tweetmas Contest

Personal Experiences

We were already on our way to the province last week when my friends texted me that I won in Yugatech Merry Tweetmas Contest. Upon getting a decent internet connection there I visited Yuga’s blog and confirmed that I really won (on the blog category)! Nice Christmas gift 🙂 so I tweeted it here.

Today the Globe Tattoo package has arrived. I was out buying some stuff in the neighborhood store so Raven received it in my behalf.

Thanks to Yugatech and Globe Telecom for the wonderful Christmas gift!

Thanks also to Jeff for the text update and Congrats to Jyethrox and all the other winners of the merry tweetmas contest.

Visit Yugatech’s blog for more giveaways for this season.

Happy Holidays y’all 🙂 !

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