Spam SMS for January 2010

Personal Experiences

I got another spam sms this month:

Greetings! This is Hector Gaylican of CO*CO*PLANS INC. We are proudly informing you that you are chosen as one of our lucky recipients who is entitled to claim a two year SCHOLARSHIP CERT. GRANT and PERSONAL INSURANCE CERT. Your security claiming code is (M*V*S-2*436-C*C*P) ABSOLUTELY FREE! you may claim your certificate on Jan. 06 to 07, 2010 in our Makati redemption center. Please call @Tel.# 8563170/8563167/8562317 between 10am-5pm Thanks and God bless!

Sender: +639266718572

Wow! You guys now have security code, but for me this SMS is still a SPAM.

For now I am classifying this text message as spam sms, since sender is just spamming, I also bleeped some details of your supposed company. But if you keep on spamming me and my friends I might elevate your status to SMS SCAM (like the This is my new roaming number sms scam or the infamous Marie Velasco sms scam).

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