Facebook Petville Cheats and Tips: Boogie Monster, Coffee Fiend and Free Petville Coins


Zynga have release some new features with the Petville Game. Its called Petville Challenges, some sort of a complete within a week task that will enable your pet to have more free petville coins, badges and petville love points and this will be my petville cheats post for the day.

First is the Boogie Monster. This one is very easy especially if you have many neighbors in Petville. Just “Dance” with 10 neighbors within the challenge period (1 week) and you can complete the challenge.My pet have finished this in a flash 🙂

Next challenge is the Coffee Fiend. You have to pick up and clean 10 spilled coffee cups that can be found when cleaning your pet’s and neighbors home. This will require some effort especially if you are lazy like me, since not all neighbor’s home will have the coffee cup as trash. At my usual browsing of some friends house I got 4 out of 10, most probably I will finish this up over the weekend

Hope you like my Petville Tips post.

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