Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: Bangkok Passport


As I mentioned on my Mafia Wars Bangkok post, the Thai Passport will be available on the Bangkok launch date.

I understand that some players are doing beta now, but I also heard some unconfirmed reports that some super lucky folks (outside the Beta group) have received the Bangkok passport and can give out 3 Bangkok passports to their Mafia friends and family.

As of writing I cannot confirm this yet since I still don’t have the Bangkok passport. But recent item releases suggests that Mafia Wars Bangkok will be released within the next few days. Some samplers:

The Envelope of Thai Baht, a free gift that you can send your friends.

The Hung Chu Enforcer, a common loot from the Bangkok Crates

For those mafia wars fanatics asking me “How to get Bangkok passport in mafia wars” I will update this blog post as soon as I have new info. Watch out for it OK?

I now have some Baht for Bangkok 🙂

I finally got my bangkok passport!
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