Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: Bangkok Now Open


Mafia Wars Bangkok is now open. I already got my Bangkok passport as I mentioned in my Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: Finally Got my Bangkok Passport post. But my wife still was waiting for some free pass to Bangkok since yesterday. Worry not my friends because the doors to Bangkok is open today.

Upon going to Bangkok, there is now an option to Get your passport

Then you can choose from 3 options:

See the clerk option is an opportunity to go to Bangkok for free. If you are not successful you can try again after 8 hours.

For those Mafia dudes who are loaded with Godfather points, the 2nd option Bribe the Official is for you. For 30 reward points you can get the Thai passport

The 3rd option is to ask your friends. We haven’t tried this but maybe this one will post in your wall and let your friend give you spare Mafia Wars Bangkok passport.

We were lucky with the See the clerk so


So login and try this Mafia Wars Bangkok Tips today! Enjoy the game!!!

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