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Petville Cheats and Tips: Free PetVille Cash and the Petville Premium Store

Posted on February 6, 2010  in Gaming

I’m sharing some petville cheats today: Zynga is giving away some free stuff in Petville. It is called petville cash, and it can be used to buy premium items in the petville premium store.

I got some free petville cash by visiting petville friends and opening treasure chest there.

You can share the wealth by posting it on your wall, so that your friends can get some free PetVille cash too.

You can then use these petville cash in the petville premium store. Selecting the world icon and choosing the PV premium store icon will lead you to the Petville store.

Petville Premium Store definitely have some cool stuffs to offer. The design is elegant too.

If you really want to have lots of petville cash, it is so easy:

Just prepare your credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discovery) or your Paypal 🙂

Hope you like my Petville Tips post.


0 thoughts on “Petville Cheats and Tips: Free PetVille Cash and the Petville Premium Store”

  1. were you aware that just because the wall post that you found your free petcash is posted doesnt mean you are giving away free petcash by posting it…It is merely a link for you connect directly to the game where you can go and hunt for your petcash on your own time. just like when you get some that will say “play petville now!” it’s really no different. gj so far on the description of the game though.

  2. i want to get free stuff on petville what do i do i do not want to pay for it on credit card for free!!!!!!!!!!!!