Spam SMS for February 2010

Personal Experiences

I call this the Insurance-Scholarship-Plus-Extra SMS Spam.

Greetings! This is Mr.Gilbert Palmon of COCOPLANS, Incorporated. We are proudly informing you that you are one of our lucky recipients who is entitled to claim the following:
1. Two-year DATAMEX SCHOLARSHIP Cert. with a FREE tuiti0n fee.
U may claim these items as soon as possible in our Quez0n City business center, for m0re info. and for your security claiming c0de which you will need up0n claiming, you may call us bet 9am-5pm at, 41×1116,41×5115 41×1175 or 09xx5303152, 09xx9989849, 09xx8397342. Thank you and Godbless! (PLS DISREGARD IF CLAIMED OR N0T INTERESTED).

Sender: +639264765247

This sms is an sms spam since I did not subscribe to receive such texts and yet they keep on sending it to me. Whether this is a legit promo or not, sorry I don’t care.

My wild guess is that they will be selling you something in exchange for the free insurance and the scholarship thing so contact them at your own risk.

I have seen variants of the sms spam in the internet, and its seems they are just changing the name of the sender.

If you also receive this spam let me know by adding some comments to this post.