Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: Get Some Mafia Love


Valentines Day is in the air in Mafia Wars!!!

Zynga have some Valentines’ promo for the Mafia Wars. First is the Valentines Day Massacre and it allows the mafia to choose from some jobs (2-hr, 12-hr and 24-hr completion time) to gain rare mafia wars items

If your account is loaded with Mafia Wars Godfather Rewards points you can speed up the completion time

Next promo is the Send Some Mafia Love. Its like the gift request for the holidays and you can have chance to win some iPod Touch or some cool Mafia Wars Jacket.

First you need to Ask for Gifts from your Mafia Wars Friends, then if they send you gifts your Mafia Love Meter will gain some points.

Your Mafia Friends will receive the gift request and they will choose which gift they can send and what rewards they want to receive.

Gift choice will be either a “send some love” or a “send some nastiness” (wilted rose/rotten chocolates)

I always choose Send some Love and either 95 Exp points or 50 Energy as the reward.

Upon receiving the gift your Mafia Love Meter will gain (or lose) some points based on the gift.

Just take note that you have a limit of 5 gifts per day.

You have already answered to 5 requests for gifts in 24 hours. Your friend has received the gift, but you will not get a bonus

Hope you liked my Mafia Wars Tips post.

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