Spam SMS: Unlimited Calls to US and Canada

Personal Experiences

I got another Spam SMS this week:

Call USA / Canada UNLIMITED for only $20 a year! Buy your MAGICJACK! endorsed by govt officials & 100% Legal. Call Anthony (02) 9xx-6823 or 0917xxx2257.

sender +639065700511

This is a first time I’ve heard of the product MAGICJACK, but searching for it in the internet, top search results point to a good Voice over IP (VoIP) device that looks very promising.

But sorry Mr +639065700511. For me the text message is an SMS Spam, since I did not subscribe to it and yet you spammers keep on sending it to me.

For the readers, Sorry guys I do not know if the product is legitimate or not.

But in my opinion the words they used in the sms message are a sign of poorly thought of marketing campaign. Why? Just look at the 2 phrases
“endorsed by govt officials”
“100% Legal”

Not a good combo 🙂

Better luck next spam!

Update 02.19.2010
I got a note from my friend Ding that MagicJack is legitimate product and he recommends using it. Raven too recommends it to my family/relatives in Canada. So I guess I need to update this post with this new info.