Foot Zone Greenhills

Personal Experiences

I am not a massage fanatic, but given our wonderful experience at Foot Zone Greenhills last week, we will definitely have our regular massage session for relaxation.

My officemates keeps on raving about this massage place in Greenhills. But since I’m not fond of massage and I just decline their invitation. Since Raven wanted to have a massage, I obliged and we decided to try this Foot Zone massage and the experience was good.

I first called their landline to check if I need reservation or not. Since it’s a weekend the receptionist suggested that we reserve so that we will not wait. So we reserved 2 slots at 6PM.

Upon arriving at Foot Zone, their receptionist greeted us and we were lead to our assigned room. The room was clean with 3 lazy-boy chairs and cable-TV. The attendants gave us tea and some soup as sort of welcome refreshment.

The massage was great. I cannot put into words the whole massage experience but some highlights of the massage:

  • The foot spa machine – very relaxing
  • No oily feeling
  • The two hammer-like stick that they used in “hammering” my feet and legs
  • Their lazy-boy is really comfortable for the massage
  • They did a great massage on my hands and fingers, (my long logon hours with the laptop and PC is taking its toll on this part of my body)

If you have not tried this massage place, I encourage you to do so!

Foot Zone Greenhills is located at:
Annapolis Street, San Juan, Metro Manila
Phone: +632-7267742

If you are taking your own ride, I suggest using the EDSA-Annapolis route, since traffic can be heavy along Annapolis Street on weekends and rush hours of weekdays.

Have fun!!!

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