Facebook Cafe World Cheats and Tips: Spice Rack and Other Updates


Some new Cafe World Tips and updates for my favorite Facebook game. Zynga release the update for the Spice Rack.

In this activity your cafe needs 5 shelves, 5 large jars, 5 medium jars, 5 small jars, and 15 lids to complete the Cafe World Spice Rack. No big cafe world cheats here, but some cafe world tips to make it the task easier:

Select the Ask For Help button to show your friends that you need help. This will post the image below on your Facebook wall

Help your friend by visiting their wall and helping out. They will return the favor for sure 🙂

Look I already completed 1 part of the Spice Rack in just a few hours

To know more about cafe world spice rack tips, kindly visit this Cafe World Guide

While completing the spice rack task, why not complete the Grandma’s Long Lost Apple Pie recipe also.

Or shop around for the new Cafe World Winter Olympics Decorations

Hope you like my cafe world cheats post.

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