Facebook Ninja Saga Tips and Cheats


My office buddies are raving about this game in Facebook called Ninja Saga.

They best description that they can give me is that it’s like Naruto. Since I’m not a Naruto fan so I asked them to describe it more 🙂 . They said it’s different from Mybrute and Mafia Wars (the last 2 fighting game that I played).

So I am trying this Ninja Saga app now and I am currently learning some Ninja Saga Tips and Ninja Saga Cheats and this post is a work in progress and I will update it as soon I find some tips OK?

Some early observations:
1. Ninja Saga is released as Alpha. I think I’m used to Zynga’s Beta release (Cafe World, Petville and Fishville are all beta release status)

2. For a free account you can play 1 character. I heard that if you like to have your 2nd to 6th character you need to be using a paid service.

Here is the main screen of the Ninja Saga Game

Watch out for my ninja saga tips post updates