RSA 2010: Roll Out Some Encryption (Walk Like an Egyptian)


Roll out Some Encryption is a song number played at the opening day keynote session of the RSA 2010 Conference. The song was played by the band Live Wire at the event venue (Moscone Center) as well as in the Codebreakers Bash in San Francisco City Hall. As RSA conference’s theme for this year is the Rosseta Stone, hieroglyphics and Egypt, the lyrics of the song “Walk Like an Egyptian” was replaced by key IT security terms and buzz words to which the conference crowd can relate. To view the Roll Out Some Encryption performance, kindly visit the RSA Opening Keynote site, and see for yourself why they agitated the RSA Conference dudes (and dudettes too) with that opening number.

I am still looking out for the Roll Out Some Encryption lyrics and will post it here in my blog. If you also like the song, kindly leave me a message here at the comment section. Thanks!

Update 2010.03.06

I got this video from youtube courtesy of a fellow RSA Attendee (hiroki/hrk1978)