Hotel City Cheats and Tips: Flexible Hotel Area and Shifting Tips


As a follow up post to my Hotel City Cheats post last time, I am sharing two Hotel City Tips that I discovered today.

Playfish recently deployed some improvements on how to expand your hotel area. Before players were limited by strict expansions (example is 3×4, 4×6, 4×7, 4×8…) and this resulted to super tall hotels where rooms do not fit the current screen and you need to zoom out get a clearer view. Now they gave the flexible option of just placing the total area

And then you can arrange the room as you like it.

And here are some Hotel City Shifting Tips. I noted that 48-hour shift is very expensive while 2 hour shift is very cheap. The rates are not proportional to the length of time (example is this: the 48-hour shift may cost 20,000+ coins while 24-hour shift may cost some 5000+ coins only). The risk of the short shifting time is that if you did log in and your hotel is closed, you do not gain coins and experience.

So as I mentioned on my first post, it is critical to plan your shifting time based on your Facebook log in time.

Hope you like my Hotel City Tips post. Watch out for more Hotel City Cheats and Tips in the future here.

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