My iBlog6 Experience

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This was my first iBlog conference and I was really excited to attend and this is the reason why I registered as early as February. Too bad that I misread the dates (I initially thought it was a Saturday and Sunday event) but since I got official commitments on the the first day (Friday) so I settled for the 2nd day only.

I arrived late since I’m not familiar with the UP Diliman campus routes and it was almost half of Vince Golangco’s Video Blogging topic. After that Juned Sonido amazed us with his collection of cameras (a wide array of point and shoot, SLRs and their “ancestors”. Emerson Banez discussed the blogging policy basics (disclosure, comment, corp social media guidelines) and Racquel Cagurangan discussed Blog’m and mobile blogging.

After lunch, the UP Concert Chorus serenaded the audience with their 3 songs, and then Mark Rimorim passionately discussed his views on political blogging (how blogging can be a memory or record of the past). Noemi Dado then discussed blogging in the election time and the Blogwatch initiative. Jinoe Gavan discussed running a blog contest (which I skipped since I attended to some concern) then Joseph Gonzales discussed Baler and blogging for your community, which is a very interesting session since the speaker is so natural in delivering his presentation. Last but not the least was Marhgil Macuha who presented SEO and some tips on how to make money with your blogs. 40 minutes was really not enough to discuss all of Macuha’s tricks so like what he suggested, it would be great if you download his and Zigfred’s guerilla blogging e-book.

Some other personal highlights:

  • Finally met Macuha and Mrs. Macuha and had some short chat with them on what’s happening online and offline.
  • Shook hands with Manuel Viloria.
  • Had some chat with Tonyo Cruz, Ms. Noemi Dado and Fitz Villafuerte, and some mascian iBlog6 attendees.
  • Met Lei De Guzman and plsburydoughboy over lunch.
  • Met and greeted a lot of other bloggers (some I met in Wordcamp 2009). Sorry if I can’t remember all of you guys since most of the time I really have poor memory on remembering faces and names (but leave me a note here in the comments section so that I can remember and acknowledge).

I plan post links of other bloggers who shared their iBlog6 experience so watch out for it.

Update 2010.04.22

Here are the initial list of links of other bloggers who shared their iBlog6 experience:

Note: This post is a work in progress and I will add more bits and pieces (and some link love too) as soon as I have time and stable internet connection (I’m now at the airport waiting for my boarding time).