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Personal Experiences

I have been wondering what was that skateboard-like device that is being used by kids in our neighborhood, so I asked my niece and she told me it is called a waveboard. She borrowed one from our neighbors and happily did a demo to me on how the board works.

I find this waveboard (or wave board) interesting, so in the tradition of my free six video, my six cafe world cheats, my six social city cheats, my six Petville cheats, six Fishville tips, and my six hotel city cheats posts,  I am blogging about some six useful info about the waveboard.

1. What is a waveboard? Its difficult describe a waveboard (or wave board) so here are some pictures of it.

Images courtesy of Wikimedia commons and majortom7.

2. What is the difference to the traditional skateboard?
I’m not a skater boy, but my first observation is that the main difference to a skateboard is that it is actually two boards connected to a bar (as opposed to a single piece of bar for the skateboard). You can ride it like a skateboard and once you gain speed you can grind or swivel your foot (forward and backward motion) to create some propelling motion. The back of the waveboard looks like the picture below

Images courtesy of Wikimedia commons and majortom7

3. Waveboard Prices

I have checked the waveboard prices in the international scene and it ranges from USD 20 to USD 100+, while waveboard prices in the Philippines ranges from PHP 500 to PHP 1000+.

4. Do you want some tips on how to ride a waveboard, view the video below

Video courtesy of youtube and awesomescreenname

5. Safety using the waveboard.
Just like the skateboard and other board devices, there are available safety gears available to avoid injuries when riding (or learning how to ride) a waveboard. The usual gears like elbow pads, knee pads, gloves, and helmet are recommended.

6. What are the other devices similar to the wave board? There are many boards similar to the waveboard. The Hi-tide, Ripboard, Blade-board, Rip Stik, and the caster board and its variants are just some examples.

Hope you liked my wave board post.

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