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You see them in Facebook and other social networking sites. You might probably see some of their works in your IM (instant messaging applications) and SMS message. Some love them, some hate them. So what is Jejemon?

Jejemons are people who use of irrational spelling, alternating capitalization of letters, and other weird characters and punctuations in their messages, comments and status in social networking sites, IMs and sms messages.
Same samplers:

aRe u tYpFing LyK diZS?

kHamuSta Kha na fPhoE?

eoW P0wh p0wHzz jejejeje

gAnitOh phoH uNg jhejhemOnH mga pHafanShiN kOngH Mhag TypHe KakAiniZh nUh? aNg aRtE!

Long time ago, I refer to this kind of typing as rtard or retard commenting (especially in comments in blogs and Facebook), but since Jejemon seems to be the official term now I will use it from now on.

I got my share of Jejemon or r-tard commenting when I posted the stoya party issue last year. provides a somehow derogatory description about jejemon, but I learned that the term was coined because Jejemons usually type Jejeje instead of the usual hehehe, and they morphed the jeje word with –Mon suffix to relate it to the famous Pokemon/Digimon (poor Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle).

Some sources say that Jejemon is some type of l33t-speak, but I think its a far-fetched idea πŸ™‚

Jejetyping is the act of typing of these weird messages and I agree that this is really annoying to non-jejemons.

I will not condemn Jejemon on this post, but I will not support them either. As the song goes Live and Let Live (or better yet… Live and Let Die)

Several groups have emerged to combat Jejemon. Jejebusters, Anti-jeje and GOTTA KILL ‘EM ALL JEJEMON! are just some example groups who vowed to wipe out jejemons existence in this world πŸ™‚

And if pokemons are captured by using a pokeball, Jejeballs are the one used to capture jejemon.

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Are you a Jejemon? Or do you find Jejemons’ annoying???

Kindly leave some comments here in my blog. (Jejemon comments are welcome for this post. No decision yet on the need of modifying my comment policy to explicitly prohibit Jejemon comments in the future)