Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: Paris


Zynga have decided to give Mafia Wars fanatics some glimpse of the upcoming Paris expansion.

I was checking out my facebook mafia wars and found the some good promotion for the Mafia Wars Paris Extension. But first you must add 1 more mafia crew to your mafia family so that the Mafia Wars Paris expansion will be opened.

Upon visiting Paris, you will be offered a challenge missions to Paris: to get your hands on that precious Mona Lisa painting.

Accepting the challenge mission will lead you to collect 5 maps that will be for free available every 24 hours, and it can be also a drop in completing other mafia wars tasks.

Quoting the game:

You’ve been hired to steal the Mona Lisa! A wealthy art collector wants to add the Mona Lisa to his collection, and has tasked you with “acquiring” it. Each chapter, you’ll be given 3 new jobs to master, each with an exclusive unique item reward should you complete all the jobs. These jobs will require a special item, Parisian Maps, to complete. You can get these from this Challenge Mission page every day, as well as through doing jobs, fighting and robbing in other cities

You can also post something on your facebook wall telling your friends that you have taken the Mafia Wars Paris Challenge.

Travelling to Paris in Mafia Wars is available by the travel tab too

Mafia Wars Paris Chapter 1 will be opening in the next 24 hours so this I will be watching the exciting changes that will unfold in Mafia Wars and update this blog.
Hope you like my Mafia Wars Paris Tips and update post.