Facebook Social City Cheats and Tips: Buses and Fiesta


It’s been a long time since I last posted some Facebook social city tips, so let me blog some cool updates that I noticed with my Social City.

I usually people walking and jogging around my city. One time, when my police station was just recently built, I noticed a policeman patrolling my city. But today was the first time that I saw some vehicles roaming around the city. I forgot to do some screen capture but I now know what these vehicles are doing in my city.

So my social city cheats of the week are: 1) if you want to have vehicles roaming around your city, build some school:

One social city school provides 1,300 happiness points and 73 coins every day. It costs 25,000 social city coins and build time is 5 hours and rewards builder with 100 experience points.

Next social city tip is to send Fiesta to your social city friends. Fiesta and Festival provides additional 250 happiness points to your city

Hope you liked my social city cheats and tips update.