Pacman in Google Doodle


Update 2010.05.26
The pac-man google doodle is gone as a doodle but it will be a mainstay at and Enjoy!

Pacman FTW!!!

I just saw the coolest google doodle ever: a playable pacman arcade game. I thought its just an ordinary google doodle image linked to a search of that item but its a working pacman game with matching original arcade sound, insert coin and the pacman maze with the Google word! I believe its in celebration of pac man’s 30th anniversary! Try it now and just use your arrow keys! 🙂

Here it the screen capture in english

and in Filipino

Cool! with matching game over 🙂

You can also play it on 2 player mode, I just dont know what will be the key config for the CPU-2 🙂

Sorry if this is old news already (I’m sick and have not been surfing the net much for the last 2 days).