Facebook Social City Cheats and Tips: City Expansion by Adding a New District


Playdom has some cool updates for the Social City Game in Facebook and its time to update my Social City Tips series.

Do you feel that your Social City is getting crowded? No city planning? Chaotic mix of residential, commercial and industrial zones? Don’t worry because Playdom now enabled building city expansion by making adjacent areas as new district in Social City.

Just click the terrain-like/map icon on the upper right part area if your city.

And you can now choose from the adjacent areas as a new district (currently only the southwest area is unlocked on my part)

Quoting the text in the game

You can use districts to open new building areas in your city.
Districts allow you to build entirely new areas in your city. Each district has its own population and happiness but money, gifts and factories are shared. Create industrial zones, peaceful suburbs, or burstling commercial districts – let you imagination run wild!

Buying a new Social City District?
A 9×9 starter grid district costs 100,000 social city coins. If you have lots of social city coins just click the Buy it icon

A new district will be like a new part of the map and it contains some bare terrain and some trees.

Currently, I have few social city coins so _NO_ structures yet for my “Expansion Pack” District 🙂

Do you like more social city cheats? Sorry I don’t have new cheats for this social city district expansion yet, but you can visit my previous social city posts:

Have fun and enjoy the game!!!