Hayley Williams Twitpic Scandal Pics

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Hayley Nicole Williams is the lead vocalist of the band Paramore. I’ve heard obscure stories and reports that she lost her phone and/or her twitter account was hacked recently and as a result some scandalous pics of Hayley Williams was posted in twitter and twitpic and is now available the Internet. I also read some blog articles that the “hack” was a staged one and this was just done as a publicity stunt. Poor girl 🙁

Are you looking for that Hayley Williams Twitpic that have been making rounds in the net? Sorry you will _NOT_ find it here 🙂 but you can enjoy some good old Paramore Video courtesy of Youtube below

My prediction:
There will be some (or maybe there already are) malicious searches related to this topic (just like what we saw with the Anne Curtis) and of course it will be courtesy of the bad guy’s black hat SEO. So be careful of what you search and click OK?

I will post some updates here soon.

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